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Looking for help or need someone to talk to?

Book a 30 Minute Call

If you are looking for some personal guidance or have a question about God's design for marriage, then come pull up a chair next to mine and let's chat.


God has been gracious to teach me so much in the 40+ years that I've been married and I'm happy to share that same wisdom with you. 

A mentoring call is designed to help you navigate the challenges of your marriage with the biblical wisdom of God's Word. To give clarity regarding God's design for marriage, the role of a husband and wife, as well as biblical insight for the difficulties faced in today's marriages.


Book your call today for practical guidance

and to build a strong foundation for your

marriage through your faith in Christ.


Here's How It Works!


  • Select a day and time.

  • Answer a few questions to help me prepare and make the most of your call.

  • Submit your payment.


  • Be looking for the reminder email with the link to our zoom call.

  • Find a quiet place to talk, we'll chat soon.

Nanci is one of those people God uses to gently invite us into conversation -- pausing from all the demands of the day to consider the truth of His Word and to weave those truths into the fabric of life. Deep truths applied to our everyday struggles -- that is Nanci's gift.


So whether you are starting your journey and wrestling with truths of what a biblical marriage looks like, or well on your way and in need of a friend to lovingly point out blind spots, this is the place for you. A loving place to "sit a spell" with an understanding friend and talk about what's on your heart and to seek the wisdom of our amazing God! 

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